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Illustration for a local event in Toulouse

Original is technical pen on A3 drawing paper, color work done in Krita. The characters were added later in the process, directly drawn in Krita.


lines2.jpg affichev8.jpg

This is the illustration I worked on for the poster of a local event about Metal Culture in Toulouse.

Original is : inks on 58x53cm wallpaper, Colors in Krita and further arrangements in Adobe suite.


3D sculpt, setup and render in Blender 2.7, Final compositing in Photoshop.


Indian ink and watercolor on 18x12,5 cm Fabriano 300g paper sheet.


Indian ink, Color inks and watercolor on 18x12,5 cm Fabriano 300g paper sheet.

I actually can't remember when this was actually finished, somewhere in 2015 I guess.


A drawing I made for a friend, 2018.

technical marker and watercolors on A4 card paper.


Commission work. For a concert with local bands playing. Find the commission info RIGHT HERE

Lines were made with krita, then scanned and colored in Krita.


A drawing I made to illustrate my commissions panel.

brushpen on A4 and colors on Krita.


A pastoral portrait of the main character of my comic, 'Nascut de la Trencada. Her name is Zéphire.

Brushpen on A4 paper, colors in Krita.


2018 "Saturday Cuties series", 2/52 Brushpen on A4 paper, colors made with Krita.

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